ATC Cheetah Hand Dryer White Aliminium Alloy 1400w



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Product Description

ATC Cheetah Hand Dryer White Aliminium Alloy 1400w
Energy Efficient- Low Running Costs, Only 1475 Watts

High Performance - Powerful Airflow, Dries Hands in 15 Seconds

Quiet Operation - Only 75dB (at 1m)

Cost Savings - No Paper Mess or Waste, Significant Savings over Paper, Linen or Standard
Hand Dryers

Energy Saving Feature- When The Cheetah Senses That the Incoming Air Temperature is Above 26°C it Automatically Shuts Off the Heating Element to Save Power Lowering the Power Usage to 625W.

Voltage 220/240V
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60Hz
Motor Type Brush Type
Power Output 1475Watts
Motor Power 625Watts
Heating Power 900Watts
Amps 6.6Amps
Sensor 0-250mm
Drying Time 15 seconds
Air Speed 65 m/s
Filter Filter Included
NOISE LEVEL 75dB (at 1m)