8 Way VHF/UHF Distribution Amplifier



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4G Ready VHF/UHF Distribution Amplifiers with DC Pass

Distribution amplifiers with built in 4G LTE filter, designed to improve the quality of audio and video by amplifying weak VHF/UHF signals and distributing them across a designated area. Suitable for both professional and domestic systems.

  • Coaxial socket connection, F socket adaptors included to allow F-Type connection
  • Integrated LTE signal filter avoids interference and channel loss from 4G mobile signals
  • Built in low noise amplifier with wideband output
  • Built in surge and short circuit protection, and maximum output limiter prevents overload
  • Separate inputs for VHF and UHF
  • Additional high gain output for additional distribution connection
  • DC pass allows the control of satellite via Magic Eye remote extender (124.157)
  • Side mounted terminals allow easy cable management