17th Edition Expert Lockout Kit



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Product Description

The DLLOC4 17th Edition Expert Lockout kit is designed to give you the ability to safely Lockout almost any circuit within any existing or new domestic or medium to large commercial premises.

The Professional Kit offers you a fully insulated hasp and padlock, in the event or situation you are locking off in close proximity to live conductive material, such a buzz bars or high voltage areas.

Kit Includes:
DL8102 – NON-Conductive 38mm Safety Padlock
DL8103 – NON-Conductive Lockout Hasp 1?
DL8105 – Universal MCB Lockout Device (Aluminium)
DL8106 – MCB Pins-Out (Standard) Lockout Device
DL8107 – MCB Thumbscrew Type Lockout Device
DL8108 – Circuit Breaker ‘No-hole’ Lockout Device
DL8109 – MCB Pins-In Lockout Device
DL8110 – MCB Pins-Out (Wide) Lockout Device
DL8111 – Tie-Bar Lockout Device
DL8112 – Universal MCB Lockout Device Plastic Medium Yellow
DL8113 – Universal MCB Lockout Device Plastic Large Blue
DL8130 – Lockout Tag x 4
DL8131 – Wipea