Kewtech R2 Socket Testing Adaptor



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Product Description

Kewtech R2 4mm Socket adapter

The Kewtech R2 Socket adapter is an essential accessory for fast testing without removing the UK wall socket outlet. It saves time and is safe.

The Kewcheck R2 enables good connection to the electrical wiring installation with 4mm test probes without taking the 3 pin socket off the wall. It facilitates R2 and R1 + R2 measurements as well as voltage detection at wall socket outlets. With the phase and earth conductor linked at the distribution board, your continuity tester probes are placed in the phase (R1) and (R2) 4mm sockets on the KewCheck R2 and then a reading is taken before moving onto the next socket.

The Kewtech Kewcheck R2 Socket Test Adapter is suitable for a wide range of Continuity testers and test meters from Kewtech, Megger, Robin, Metrel, DiLog, Alphatek and Seaward. Use the Kewtech R2 plug in test adapter to speed up periodic 17th edition testing and Part P testing of UK electrical installations.