Recessed / Flush Ceiling PIR Sensor



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Product Description

Recessed PIR motion / occupancy sensor switch with complete 360 degree detection angle. Enables connected lights to switch on automatically when someone enters the room. The light then stays on until the person leaves the room (and switches itself off when the room is unoccupied.) Occupancy sensors reflect the latest development in interior lighting technology and provide close to zero energy wastage in terms of lights being on unnecessarily.

Features & Specification

PIR Presence Detector / Occupancy Sensor Switch
Height : 71 mm (overall) / 15mm (protruding)
Diameter : 74 mm
Cut Out Hole Size : 60mm
Voltage : 240 Volts
Indoor Use Only
Detection Range : 6m (when installed at a max height of 4m)
Detection Angle : 360 Degrees
Time Setting : 10 seconds - 7 minutes
Maximum Load : 1200W Incandescent/300W Fluorescent
Ref. Number.: 16722